Cinthia Nuez

Cinthia Nuez is a Mexican professional artist, who specializes in drawing, painting and Illustration. Since 2004, her work has taken part in several collectives and individual exhibitions in Guadalajara and Los Angeles. Additionally, she has also been previously selected for “The Second Auction and Exhibition Molaa Awards 2007”, by the Museum of Latin American Art.


“In my work, there is a constant search. I use collages as resource. My intention in doing so are to provoke a sense of puzzle, change the original context of an object, add other elements and combinations, as well as juxtapositions to the image. I also like to use mixed media on canvas, and printed fabrics in some of my pieces as well. Identity is a constant element of my work. I include what is going on in my life, my personal experiences, and the questions I am currently pondering about the world.

Currently, I am working in a new painting project called “Escafandra”. The narrative of the collection is a combination of realistic and abstract elements with the key component in these series being an antique diving helmet symbolizing the fully subversive experience that is life.

I feel that my work has a universal language, able to be read and understood anywhere in the world. As an artist I try to renew myself in each project I undertake, and overtime my work has evolved through many subjects and color palettes.

You can see high contrasts in my first pieces in comparison with my works of today being substantially subtle. However, my style has not changed. In every piece I create, I draw attention to a particular element, leaving an unadorned background, and creating the sense of sculpture. My pieces establish a space for reflection towards identity and mass culture, power and simulation.”

- Cinthia Nuez